Frequenty asked questions

How are your stickers cut?

The stickers are cut to order using a plotter, there is no clear or white outline.

Sticker sizes:

All dimensions of your sticker are shown in the following order: width x height in centimeters. It is indeed very important to measure correctly the area where you would like to apply your sticker, whether it be on a wall in your home or on your car.

What is the reverse/inverse option?

The reverse/inverse option allows you to choose a pattern, so as to be able to position two similar patterns on opposite doors or your car. By clicking the box, you can see directly how the image looks once reversed/inversed. I.e If you would like the same pattern on both sides of your car you will need to order one sticker normal and one sticker inverse/reverse.

Where can I stick the stickers?

On all smooth, clean and sound surfaces in the home or on your car. (it is important that there is no rust or flaking paint).

It is best to avoid plastic or porous surfaces (bumpers types or mirrors that are not painted). Similarly sills are more often exposed to various projections that could damage, over time, the stickers. Moreover, on new vehicles, it is better not stick stickers on the bottom of the sill due to a small Teflon film that prevents the adhesion of stickers.
Furthermore, the adhesive tends not to stick to the rubber seals (especially glass joints).

IMPORTANT: Before installation of the adhesive, the body must be well cleaned, if possible simply with soap and water. The car wash is also available. Note, however, do not use the polish option of your cleaning cycle or apply any polish after you have cleaned it as your sticker will not atttch itself correctly.

Can I clean my stickers?

Yes, they are water resistant and are specially designed to withstand the cleaning brushes at the car wash. However, please make sure you properly apply the stickers to the paint work (especially the edges of the stickers).
Please do not apply your stickers over joints on your car as water may seep in and over time remove the adhesive of the sticker.

What will happen when I want to remove my sticker?

If the paint work is healthy and you have not positioned the sticker on top of any rust or flaky paint then removal is very simple. The adhesive is specially designed not to damage the body paint. To speed up the process you can warm up the glue by using a hair dryer.

How does the sticker "transfer" to a surface?

There is a sticky backing paper attached to your sticker. This helps to prevent the image from distorting and helps to keep the sticker in one piece during storage and transportation. The installation of the sticker is easy with a squeegee or credit card type object.

What options are available with each sticker?

Everything depends on the stickers. You may be offered several sizes, colours. It all depends on the size of the area that you would like to apply the sticker. This is why it is very important to measure the area before application.

I wish to purchase the sticker as a gift? 

No problem. Just at the end of your order, at checkout, fill out the "Alternative delivery address" and enter all the details of the recipient of your gift.

Or simply purchase a gift certificate.

Are the stickers repostionable?

No our stickers are not repositionable. If you handle them too much, you may alter the shape of them. However, you can take them off and pick them up within a few seconds after installation. 

I am a graphic designer and would like to propose creations. How?

Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form. A selection committee will contact you within days to clarify if you (or your creations) have been selected.