Here are the achievements of users : examples of car deco that they have done themselves


Sticker motif fleur sur voiture modele clio - Cartistick
Sticker flower pattern on car model clio - Cartistick
I found this site by chance and I can say that I am just thrilled ! !
that model and colour ... I had trouble deciding , but I opted for the "Under the dew " in blue sky and green anise. An original style and  I ordered on this site because NOBODY has the same . Ordered on Monday , received on Friday! ! at the same time as my new car! ! and pleasantly surprised because despite dimensions mentioned I received larger than what I expected. a great result and an original clio nobody has ! ! suddenly a friend has decided to also buy on this site !
just thrilled , despite some difficulties to expel air bubbles stickers ... so few ... but great result . Judge for yourself
Michelle .


Thank you for these original designs Cartistick and for the attractive price and quality stickers!
thanks to you I have had a unique car that looks like me and she does not fail to get noticed!
I would not hesitate to recommend you and hope to soon add some originality to my little twingo keys.
Emilie .
If you want to order the same sticker its Flower Power

CaligraphyStickers calligraphie et papillon sur voiture modele Fiat - Cartistick and Butterfly stickers on car model Fiat - 
In today's time , this is the car that characterizes me .
Thank you to you for these truly original stickers










Sticker porte par le vent sur voiture modèle alto - CartistickI present you my little car .... How fortunate to have found a site like yours.

choice of patterns and variety of colours.
I transformed my new car out of the garage in the morning !
I wanted flowers and also effects the pattern of curves " Carried by the wind" was perfect for what I wanted.
As my daughter loves the colours purple and white this was really good.
I want to congratulate you on the quality of your stickers and speed of delivery .
thank you
Danielle Belgium

Swift décor  There she is, my little brand new car , plus it is unique !

With Cartistick I have a car that reflects my character and my desires.
After turning the design of my car in every way with several very nice stickers, I finally decided to order :

"Carried by the wind" normal version + 3 colours reversed to give movement near the wheels
"Serpentine " normal version + inverted to dress the back wheel, discreetly
The effect is guaranteed . ;)

"My braids" to dress the boot of the car.

Thank you to the team Cartistik for creativity , diversity patterns , speed and communication.
Virginie 32


 Twingo décor sticker serpentin - Cartistick


Here is my car stickée . After months of waiting and browsing your site I started !
I wanted something modern and stylish at the same time and this is the result ! I 'm really happy to never see a car identical to mine :)

2 Stickers Serpentine , light blue , size : 200x49 , including a "reverse" .
Budget less than £50 





" Hello,

And thank you for launching your site, so colourful and diverse !

I landed on cartistick by chance , looking for bumper stickers ... And hurray ! I found you ! I loved it ! I found enough to make my car pretty, like me ... And you have so many choices , I struggled to concentrate ...

Besides, I could not choose , so, I took everything I wanted ... Here is my car, I called it Vanilla . This is a Fiat Panda Vanilla Yellow colour (yes, I have not looked much for his name) .

So I asked for flowers chocolate, vanilla colour , butterflies lifelike strawberry and fairies colour ... This invites the pleasures of gluttony with my car decorated chocolate - vanilla - strawberry.

Your site is a pleasure, and your stickers are not only original and beautiful, they are also easy to install and very good quality! In any case , I recommend you to all my friends who love my car ... They all say " ouaaaah when I saw it for the first time, I knew it was yours ! " . And I am very proud. it's great ! "
For information, I used 3 stickers:

1 . Vanilla flower
2. Butterflies
3. Butterfly fairy


" My first car !
So I wanted it to be personalized and especially unique!
I struggled to choose and I finally opted for  Baroque breeze that attracted me by its finesse and style . The matt silver color makes it look nice and gives a very nice glossy effect! Even my boyfriend whom was very skeptical at first thought it was great!

Thank you very much for this great Cartistick choice of stickers each more beautiful than the others and especially thank you for your patience, because I sent you a lot of questions and you have always responded very nicely! "





" Here I send you photos of my little much nicer car with my stickers.
I love cats which explains my choice , yes with his little feet it looks like he has walked on my titin ! Great !
The installation was very easy especially as it was my lover who did everything ! !
I want to congratulate you on your website which is very fun and girly . In addition your rates are for everyone. "
Julie 27

 Silhouette cat

Cat paws



" At Christmas , I wanted to please my brother , and it is thanks to Cartistick I could surprise this year by decorating his car with stars, funny , not too regular , that's what I liked ! stars on board and voila ! " Hugh, 36 years.

Sticker used to decorate this car:Rainbow stars
 , white colour , size :
28 x 42 cm .



" A colony of lizards recently moved home , I started by decorating my green panda with a pretty floral pattern ..." Jerome , 30.

Stickers used for panda :Floral swirls
 , colour green / forest green / lime , size 52.6 x 80 cm.

Lizard,, colour magenta, size 42 x 24 cm .




" A touch of poetry to dress up the car for my dear and loving wife ... Laying the adhesive took me a while ... I had not planned to spend so much time at first ... but my wife is delighted with the result ! that is all that matters , right? " Christophe , 30.

Sticker used to decorate this car:Dancing plants
 , light blue colour , size 120 x 54 cm.


" The orange daisies to revive a little sober side of my car .

 Frederick, 38 years.

Stickers used to decorate this car: Daisies light orange colour , size 65 x 65 cm.



These graphics I liked right away: the choice of colours i choose immediately since my mini is black and white , just enough to make a point , very aesthetic then  a little time and a little elbow grease later, here MY car , simply unique! " Alison , 35.

Stickers used to decorate this car:

Dancing plants , colour white for the door ( 2 copies, one inverted )

Carried by the wind grey colour , grey and black for the bonnet.




" My son is crazy , lizards on our car I thought, just to position the small animals and create this effect walking on my car , the effect was immediate ! More crisis never get in the car rolling! " Seb, 32 years.

Stickers used to decorate this car:

Lizard ,Dark grey colour , grey and white , the model inverted ( mirrored ) to break the rhythm .
Total budget: about £50 




" Flowers were a mysterious way for me to make my self a small car that takes me to work! Now I 'm a little proud of my car that stands out. Eve , 26 years .

Sticker used to decorate this car:
 White colour, Mysterious flowers



" This sticker is all me : both sweet and fresh ,good choice all round , with lightness to dress my door , I made a montage of my photos to show you both sides of my car " Marion , 32.

Stickers used to decorate this car:

Thistles,, Ivory, in two different sizes .


 "I am sending you pictures of stickers that I purchased from you in late February because I find them beautiful . "
Sincerely . Solène L.
Stickers that were used in this creation:





 Stickers used for this project :
African statues
African tree











Autocollant voiture_ CartistickHello everyone,
Thank you for your site, cars finally entitled to a decoration worthy of the name !
My first green car (LPG) ....
" Blé en herbe " i immediately liked this not too light nor too pokey . I chose silver colour for the rear, planted in the "o" of the Clio and dark grey inverted for the right front fender .
I love the result .
Stickers chosen for this project :Wheat



Sticker et autocollant pour décorer la voiture _ Cartistick


I wanted to be a little different from the other cars without it being extravagant. I immediately thought originality of stickers. So I searched on the net sites that offered this product, I visited so many. I picked yours because it offers a wide range.

I wanted something both original and discreet for my black Duster. That is why I chose initially the largest decor in ivory ( sticker serpentine ) , It went on very easily without any difficulty (thanks to your precious advice very well explained ) .
I put Butterflies on the side of the vehicle and I made the same on the bonet and rear door .

In the end, it gives me exactly what I was looking for a vehicle that looks like me : original and not too " flashy " . It is clear that with your quality products , we can achieve all our desires ...



sticker pour décorer la voiture 
Hello, and here is a nice little decoration for a different car without being extravagant.
The Flowers cartistick give a spring feel. especially unique to our small 206 SW .
The decor consists of a stickers 30 x 42cms + stickers 50 x 70cms .
The petals on the bonnet and wings were obtained by cutting the 2 larger flowers .
Installation is very simple to perform.
Süzel and Jean -luc




A unique Duster in the world no doubt! Not having much choice of colour Dacia , I put my favorite colours in a magical atmosphere and flowers, so my daughter and I , we felt good, in a resolutely girls car now . Cartistick thank you ! Large selection of stickers , easy to install ...

Fabienne L.

Stickers used for this decoration :

Flower fairy

Flower sprigs
Daisies 2
Butterfly fairy



Autocollant pour décorer la voitureA Sticker to decorate the car of a decorator at heart , I have a car ( Kangoo ) to my image, original , colourful and above all unique.
Because white is not enough for my fashion , I decorated it with stickers.
Now I can say I LOVE MY CAR !
Camille .
Sticker used  Ear rings



Autocollants et stickers pour décorer la voiture _ Cartistick Hello this is my car in its best profile ! Thanks to your great stickers I opted for the "old rose" model rendering is great! Very proud of my new car, she has received many compliments ! It is unusual , simple and soft, it is me ! You have a lot of styles , colours and a range of varied and affordable price , very good ! I will recommend your site that's for sure ! By some time surely next order if I get to decide between several models ! Thank you to you ! Virginia, 20 years.

Sticker Used Pink Roses




A few months ago I bought from you stickers: Ear rings

After a lot of courage to get started, reflection and about 8 hours work :) I'll let you look at the results :) 
Regards, Elodie M. 

Autocollants et stickers pour décorer la voiture _ Cartistick


I am gardener by trade and adhesive advertising is often very ugly, I decided to choose a very poetic and light sticker that differentiates me from my competitors.
Sandrine M. 
Stickers chosen for this :