Sticker Connections

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  • Sticker Connections

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Sticker Connections

Current and discreet, this two-color sticker gives a delicate and sophisticated touch to your car. Thus equipped, you can express your desires to decorate with flowers or other plants. For size 150 x 40 cm large size lines: 150 x 28 cm - small size lines: 150 x 24 cm. For size 200 x 54 cm large size lines: 200 x 37 cm - small size lines: 200 x 32 cm. For size 220 ​​x 60 cm large size lines: 220 x 41 cm - small size lines: 220 x 35 cm.

Our installation video can help you to apply your sticker and examples of deco cars can be seen from your accomplishments! 
Cartistick has original designs for you to discover ..

*Please note - This sticker has 2 layers. You must apply each colour separately.


Sticker Connections

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